Monday, 2 April 2012

Crazy Character Bazaar

Hello there blog readers,

Its been an eventful few days. I've bought a new toon with the iskies gathered over last week, found a new corp and eve got my first 6 kills breaking a year long fast of no pew.


Congestion Bomb was purchased by me for 4 billion isk. Some may think that is expensive for a 12m SP toon however the market has been crazy of late. Regardless of worth low SP toons are flying off the shelf at an alarming speed, often people having to pay much more than the toons worth because of the demand rather than the skills.

He, less desirable because of his stupid name, Has BS - Cruiser - Destroyer - Frig all trained to 5, is very neet and pure. Hes only missing a few vital skills to turn him into a decent toon. The Strategic Cruiser to 5 as most will know is useless without Thermal Dynamics which is something else on the "to do" list of this toon but having all subs to 5 already makes him a potentially fully trained legion pilot once I've trained for the T2 guns.

Overall I'm happy with this to on, After redoing his portrait I feel he will suit my requirements well, even with said stupid name. After speaking with a few EvE friends we came to the conclusion that he was a good buy.


This place was always ruthless, now more so than ever. Something has gone horribly wrong here and Its my hope that CCP implement a real trade system to the game soon.

I experienced with my own eyes, "specialist" low SP toons around 6m SP selling for the same price at 20-30m toons that have the same skill set + more. I'm shocked, baffled even to fully understand the logic behind such purchases. Maybe a reader can enlighten me as to why this phenomenon is occurring?


If your going to purchase a toon then there are some tips I can give you from my own experiance;

  • PvP Minmatar toons sell for alot more than the other races
  • Cross-Trained toons between pvp and industry sell for less
  • Low SP specialized toons are often not worth the pricetag
  • Every billion over the 3b mark increases the SP massivly
  • Dont be afraid to be patient, so many toons sell each day you can aford to miss one or two
  • Well trained toons come at a premium, sometimes you can get a poorly trained SP toon and flesh it out which has more sp and in the long run will catapult you much further.

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